A C T I V E   M O N I T O R I N G  SO F T W A R E

Manage Solar Energy Data

Affordably With Ease.

Built for convenience and security, Know True-Up® offers users a way to gain insight into their complete energy data profile and minimize their True-Up bill.

S M A R T   T E C H N O L O G Y

Simple, Effective, Practical.

When power is being used and produced on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, it can be hard to track exactly what your expected True Up might be. We combine your energy data in one dashboard, making it easy to stay on track.

I want to offset my $350.00 energy bill 92%, my expected True-Up bill should be about $340.00 at the end of my 12-month billing cycle.

H O W   T H E   S O F T W A R E   W O R K S

Know True-Up®: Get Connected

Know True-Up®’s monitoring service is intended to give customers visibility by combining production data provided by the inverter manufacturer, and smart meter data provided by the utility company. This allows for us to give users access to both, making complete energy management quick and easy. Sign up today and get added to our database to start receive alerts if your production stops or dips below a certain point.

L I N K   A C C O U N TS   T O  K T U

Easily Sync Your Energy Data

There are two main pieces of account information Know True-Up® needs in order to function. (1) Your smart-meter data pulled directly from your utility company. Currently, we only have access for PG&E customers. (2) Your solar inverter data to show your daily production. Our system currently works with Enphase and Solar Edge inverters. We require both of these online account logins to pull the information and display it via our energy dashboard.

Maximize Your Energy Credits Every Month.

K E E P   E N E R G Y   B I L L S   L O W 

Do you have solar but don’t monitor your production because it’s too difficult or time-consuming? Tracking your system’s production and consumption data has never been easier, with Know True-Up®’s easy-to-use dashboard. Filter by date, or watch your numbers change throughout the day to reduce your annual True Up cost.

Register Today: How to Get Signed Up

Would you like to sign up for Know True-Up® today? Registering your account with us only takes a few simple steps. Fill out our inquiry form to get the process started.