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solar panel cleaning using brush tool

Professional Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleanings using the proper equipment can make all the difference when it comes to energy production. Our crew uses a proven technique to remove dirt & debris that can reduce efficiency of your panels.

critter guard install

Critter Guard Installation

System damage caused by animals living on or around your solar system isn’t covered under a standard contractor warranty. This affordable, one-time installation around the edge of your panels will keep you protected.

system inspection

System Inspection & Report

If you recently purchased or are looking to buy a home with solar, call the Pros team to perform a full inspection of the system. This will ensure everything is working properly and that the size of the system is fitted for your family’s energy needs.

Panel Cleaning

Starting at just $9.99/mo

Don’t wait until you get a high TrueUp bill to maintain your PV system. Keep solar production high and energy bills low with Solar Maintenance Pros services. Our crew of trained technicians are ready to tackle jobs of any size, from panel cleanings to full system upgrades.

Who We Are

Solar Maintenance Pros was founded to provide current solar customers with long-term care services. Unlike an installing contractor, our focus is on protecting your solar panels throughout the life of the system. We do this by offering a variety of solar services, including but not limited to: panel cleanings, system inspection, critter guard installation, and system upgrades.

What We Stand For

Solar Maintenance Pros is veteran-owned and operated business in Fresno, CA. Our team is comprised by the very-best local technicians. Each member of our team has been thoroughly trained for their department, in order to provide the best service possible. We also make it our duty to follow industry standards and have the best equipment, solar products and technology at our client’s disposal.

Meet Our Pros Team

Meet our solar service team, their goal is to help you figure out the budget and timeline for your project.

Mike Perez

Field Service Manager

Isaac Rowlen

Warehouse Technician

Chloe Fradue

Monitoring Technician

This is one of the best companies to work for hands down. We are like one big family and everyone looks out for each other and our clients.- Lisa Anderson, General Manager

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Affordable, Professional Solar Care

We understand that you made a significant investment in your financial future by going solar. Our team is focused on helping protect that investment all year round with the many services we offer to existing solar customers.  Let us adopt your  system to keep your solar production high and your energy bills low.

Solar Maintenance Pros is here to provide outstanding long-term solar care to valley residents. Our crew of trained professionals are ready to tackle jobs of any size, and provide custom, affordable pricing based on your needs.