4 panel cleanings a year for 3 years. Pay as you go.


3 panel cleanings a year for 3 years. Pay as you go.


2 panel cleanings a year for 3 years. Pay as you go.

Brilliant Panels in 4 Steps: Our Process

Step 1) Panels are first rinsed off with a high pressure hose using filtered water.

Step 2) Our tech gently scrubs panels with a highly-concentrated, eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Step 3) They are rinsed a final time to wash away any remaining solution.

Step 4) Each cleaning is completed with a system inspection and report identifying any issues.

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Receive discounts on cleanings by purchasing multiple cleanings at once through our different package plans. Simply select which package plan you’d like to sign up for, or select “custom package” in our drop-down menu to get started.

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In Need Service? We Do it All.

System Inspection

If you recently purchased a home with solar or are unsure if your system is working properly, have our Pros team perform a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no issues. Inspections are complete with a detailed report.

Panel Cleaning

We recommend professional panel cleanings be performed at least twice a year. Professional cleaning using proper equipment and techniques help you get the most out of your solar system.

Critter Guard

Birds living on or around your solar system increase dirt accumulation and soiling. The installation of critter guard around the edges of your solar panels makes them a less desirable living area.

Solar Aesthetics

Add on our panel aesthetic trim to safeguard your system’s solar panels permanently. It is quick, affordable and easy to install. Our solar panel protection system lengthens the lifespan and longevity of rooftop panels.

System Upgrade/Addition

Looking to expand on your current solar system? There are many factors to consider in upgrading a system: panel size, inverter capacity, and roof space. Our Pros team will provide a free quote over the phone.

System Audit & Report

Have our pros team perform a thorough system inspection to ensure there are no issues with production or the integrity of the panels. After the inspection is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report identifying any issues.