Realtor Audit Report

Why should you consider getting a realtor audit report?

Every solar system and every home is different, how do you compare them?
This report explains the multiple values related to a home’s solar system to you and your client and allows you to use this information to drive objective negotiations and comparisons.
Reports and Audits are common for all major appliances in a home except a solar system! This report gives you an easy and convenient way to audit the performance of the solar system.

Identify production inconsistencies in the last 12 months.

Using only the utility data, Know True-Up is able to provide solar production values based on utility push and pull specifics and our proprietary algorithm.

What information does this report provide?

Get an accurate energy production estimate for the solar system on your new home

Better estimate potential utility consumption for the home you are purchasing

Realtors can help interpret this data since it will vary for the new buyer depending on their consumption habits

Understand the value of the energy produced by the solar system annually and over the life of the system

Don't guess about a home's solar system!

This tool provides home buyers and sellers confidence in a solar system’s performance.

Only requires the homeowner utility account login
No hardware or waiting for an inspector
Full PDF report generated and sent via email

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Utilities Supported: PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E