Solar Production and Energy Consumption

Data for Monitoring, Analysis, and Oversight

Built for convenience & security​

Know True-Up® offers users a way to gain insight into their complete energy data profile and minimize their True-Up bill.

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Know True-Up®’s monitoring service is intended to give customers visibility by combining production data provided by the inverter manufacturer, and smart meter data provided by the utility company. This allows for us to give users access to both, making complete energy management quick and easy.


Analyze your customer’s up-to-date information

Monitoring your customer’s energy data has never been easier. Improve your client’s experience and increase your referral business at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to identify issues quickly and reduce downtime.

Energy Snapshots

Daily, weekly or monthly production updates.

Improve Customer Experience

Improve your customer’s solar experience with system performance insights. 

True-Up Bill Management

Give your customers True-Up peace-of-mind with our automated monitoring software.

Consumption Awareness

See utility debits and credits on an hour-by-hour basis side by side with production data.

The Benefit Breakdown

Minimize Down-Time

System alerts within 48 hours after system production stops registering.

Fleet Management Tool

Oversee multiple inverter types from one portal.

Increase Service Work

Identify out-of-warranty systems for profitable truck rolls.

Reduce Truck Rolls

Minimize unnecessary site visits.

System Addition Sales

Identify homeowners who are using more electricity now than before solar.

What contractors have to say

The Know True-Up software prevents the loss of solar energy production by providing fast and timely notifications to our clients so that their system issue can be corrected and their system put back online as soon as possible.

Bahram Shadzi

Cosmic Solar

This software has become a great resource for my clients by enabling them to look at their solar systems production, their net energy usage, and their total energy consumption all in one easy to understand format on one website.

John Kalmbach


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