About us

About Solar Data Pros, Inc.

Solar Data Pros was founded in 2015 to assist solar customers with understanding how their energy consumption habits and their solar production performance combine to impact the amount of (and the cost of) energy they purchase from their utility.

Better Energy Mangement

Utility net metering statements are notoriously difficult to understand, and many consumers have difficulty knowing whether a high utility bill is the result of over-consumption of energy, or under-production of their solar system.  Gaining a better understanding of this information can help solar customers better manage their consumption.  Solar installation contractors also benefit by having insights into solar production issues that may contribute to their customers’ utility bills.

Two-Sides to Energy Data

Our Know True-Up® software combines the “solar production data” and “grid consumption data” for the purpose of identifying whether a solar system is “under-producing” energy or whether a solar customer is “over-consuming” energy.  The data helps the solar system owner understand which of these is contributing to their utility bill, and allows them to track their performance over time to make behavioral changes, or anticipate the cost of a future true-up bill.